WEEKLY WRAP-UP 19.06.2016

Hey music family smile

Did anyone notice that there was no Weekly Wrap-Up last week?
It’s not because I got nothing done…
… It’s because I was testing the system!
I have a bunch of very loyal followers, friends and fans who I know read my blogs… and I’m very thankful for you all.
However, almost none of you are to be found on Facebook…
Surely enough, with no Weekly Wrap-Up last week, it seems hardly anyone on Facebook even noticed... so I've decided I’m going to freeze my Facebook page for now, and just concentrate on my online presence on the platforms where visibility and interaction is the greatest.

I hope you all understand my decision for now. Perhaps something will change in the near future… until then, see you on the website, on Twitter and on SoundCloud.
Love and decibels,

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