When a person disappears for a while, they've most likely either landed in jail, in hospital in a coma, in a mental institution, or have escaped the country and taken refuge somewhere in Cuba… 


As you might have noticed, I've been out of sight and pretty much out of action for many months now. While I've not escaped to Cuba, I have been struck by chronic illness, which is the reason why i withdrew from the world for so long. And not just one illness, either. As the one got better and I was ready to get back into action, the next one struck… then the next one… then you're prescribed drugs for this, drugs for that, vitamins for the other… in the end you're just not yourself anymore… and so I did my disappearing trick again. 


Anyone who's ever had tenosynovitis causing carpal tunnel syndrome will tell you that due to the persistent inflammation and sharp stabbing pains anytime you try to use your hands, you're doomed to wearing a splint 24hrs a day and avoiding repetitive movements. In severe cases, like mine, you should give your wrists a complete rest for a matter of months… great if you're a keyboard player who also uses music software to work! Letting the computer go was the easy part… but there's nothing worse than telling Synthie she can't make music for an indefinite period of time…!!


The second illness has been lurking around like a creepy flasher ready to open up his coat at the next unsuspecting passer-by… the third illness that recently popped up, ended up affecting the central nervous system… that one's a scary one… I'm still awaiting the correct diagnosis and treatment for that one… but no more drugs! Needless to say, all this has not been easy on one's psyche.


A bit more information than I actually wanted to make public, but as so many of you have been sending messages and e-mails expressing concern, I felt I owed it to you. Apologies for the long silence and thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me! Means a lot. Hopefully the lengthy absence will now make a bit more sense. 

The wrists have finally shown improvement, so I've jumped back into the music again :) It may take a bit longer than I'd originally planned, but I'll keep you posted as to the whens and wheres of the next release.  


Love and decibels,